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  1. @dlandoni'm getting this errors with the DB and the container does not work properly. Any ideas?
  2. @itimpiOne thing i'm not clear is why can't we treat this change from REISERFS to XFS the same as a failed drive. When the drive fails (let's say this drive is REISERFS 1GB) you remove it and change it with another drive (2GB). The parity then does it's magic and the drive gets populated again where you choose the filesystem. Can't the same process be done with this?
  3. You are joking right? This is a topic where the company can't just push to the forum. This is not open source product. Of course people here will help but this is secondary help.
  4. You have to know that we don't have only us professional users but also users that are not comfortable with that kind of procedures. The steps written in one of the links that everyone is posting are for sure overwhelming for those users and would need to be polished.
  5. So you are saying there is no way to keep the files from that disk you want to convert if you don't have the space to copy those files somewhere before you do the format and conversion?
  6. Where is the procedure witten for us that do not want to mirror the disk (do not have that much extra space) but just want the easy option of converting and then let the parity rebuilds the disk even if that means rebuilding the parity itself. Basically the easy and the long option. We need straigtforward instructions for this because there will be a lot of users suddenly of a need for this conversion from unsupported ReiserFS. @ljm42 @SpencerJ @limetech
  7. This is not something i can help you with. You will need to check with LMS dev.
  8. Tnx. I have missed "Host access to custom networks" setting.
  9. Why is this a security problem? When i set one container to have static ip i still want that other container can reach this container and other way around.
  10. @dlandoncan you add notifications also for telegram? Something like this pip install python-telegram-bot ############################# from telegram import Bot, InputFile # Add the following function to send notifications to Telegram def send_telegram_notification(token, chat_id, message, image_path=None): bot = Bot(token) # Check if an image is provided if image_path: # Send photo along with the message with open(image_path, 'rb') as photo: bot.send_photo(chat_id, photo, caption=message) else: # Send only the message bot.send_message(chat_id, message) # Modify the section where you read parameters from secrets or set them manually if not param_dict['token'] or not param_dict['user']: # read from secrets secrets = read_secrets() if not param_dict['token']: param_dict['token'] = secrets.get('TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN') # Replace with your secret key zmlog.Debug(1, "eid:{} Reading token from secrets".format(eid)) if not param_dict['user']: param_dict['user'] = secrets.get('TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID') # Replace with your secret key zmlog.Debug(1, "eid:{} Reading user from secrets".format(eid)) # Replace the Pushover-specific code with the Telegram notification code param_dict['title'] = '{} Alarm ({})'.format(mname, eid) param_dict['message'] = cause + datetime.now().strftime(' at %I:%M %p, %b-%d') if event_type == 'event_end': param_dict['title'] = 'Ended:' + param_dict['title'] disp_param_dict = param_dict.copy() disp_param_dict['token'] = '<removed>' disp_param_dict['user'] = '<removed>' zmlog.Debug(1, "eid:{} Telegram payload: data={} files={}".format(eid, disp_param_dict, files)) send_telegram_notification(param_dict['token'], param_dict['user'], param_dict['message'], image_path) zmlog.close()
  11. Logitech Squeezebox Server and Emoncms were updated and are now based on the latest releases.
  12. I've reverted the changes. The image should be uploaded in a few minutes so you can update it.
  13. Exactly, thanks for that! This should be already fixed in UnRaid core and not having the need for us to run special scripts. Poslano z mojega SM-G998B z uporabo Tapatalk
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