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  1. Add option to set hub.docker credentials to be used when pooling images. Based on the latest news they will begin rate-limiting the number of pull requests.
  2. Now it's working as it should. The root of the problem was that the folders for watch and output need to be defined two times.
  3. Any pointers how to solve this? Both of those folders resist on the same share in unraid.
  4. There is a need of some sort of grouping on CA and also some policy what can be added. For example you have about 5 apps for sonarr/radarr...
  5. Ok. I've created a new one with watch folder.
  6. Could you add https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-ffmpeg to the apps?
  7. Any explanation why would keeplink take so much time and use so much CPU? It should just move the file to different location and link it back. If i do the same action through putty it does it in couple of seconds. What is different here?
  8. Hi all, i'm in process of designing new hardware for the server and i would be glad if some suggestions/improvements are made if i'm on the right track regarding my needs especially around VM usage which i don't have on my current box because of the MB limitations. What will be running on the server: 20ish dockers. Plex being the most hardware intensive. 1-3 VM used mainly for normal office work, browsing and maybe some light gaming VM's will be accessed through network as the server room is in the basement. This is a list i've made so far. For storage i will use the HDD's i already have in my current unraid box. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QCQpZf What are your thoughts. Is this MB ok for all the pass-throughs needed for the VM's to work correctly.
  9. Hi @randomtask1, you will see this message lots of times as the version that is inside the docker is not always the latest one. There is no issue with that whatsoever so you can just ignore this message.
  10. Can you check if wav is playable if you manually select it on lms and not trough shairtunes?
  11. There is an issue with MQTT docker. After the server is restarted, MQTT can't read the db file. You need to manually delete mosquitto.db and then it starts ok. Maybe a variable could be added to docker so you have option to delete file on docker start.
  12. Hi, sounds like you have set access security to some IP that is not the same as you use from your client. Check server.pref for allowedHosts.
  13. LogitechMediaServer updated to v 8.0 and latest phusion image. Emoncms updated with mqtt support.