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  1. Try to update container. You should see latest version 8.2.
  2. You can try to specify UID and GID like this: -e PUID=1000 -e PGID=1000
  3. What is inside config\logs\server.log? From the top of my head i would say there is some issue with how you configured ports. Maybe something is already running on those ports you have configured for lms. I don't see any issues at my test server.
  4. Attach the log files and the configuration settings of the lms docker so we can check.
  5. I've bumped the ffmpeg version to 4.3. You should have it when you do an update. Maybe this will fix your issue with unknown options. As for watch directory not working. What is in the log after the container starts?
  6. Post a screenshot of your "Parameters for FFmpeg". You will need to have a separator ; between each parameter.
  7. Add option to docker container settings to choose how do you want to open console. Unraid now defaults to: docker exec -it some_name sh If you have for example python gui running in container it would be better to attach to running container to open console directly to gui: docker attach some_name For example:
  8. Can this run on host port other than 80 and be discovered by Echo?
  9. Add option to set hub.docker credentials to be used when pooling images. Based on the latest news they will begin rate-limiting the number of pull requests.
  10. Now it's working as it should. The root of the problem was that the folders for watch and output need to be defined two times.
  11. Any pointers how to solve this? Both of those folders resist on the same share in unraid.
  12. There is a need of some sort of grouping on CA and also some policy what can be added. For example you have about 5 apps for sonarr/radarr...
  13. Ok. I've created a new one with watch folder.