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  1. Shairtunes works in my LMS plugin without a problem. https://github.com/snoopy86/docker-repo/tree/master/snoopy
  2. Hi, error logs should be fixed in the latest version.
  3. I see you are running it as a bridge. You have to run it as host (network).
  4. Something is already running on you port 5353. You must change it.
  5. Yeah i think we can implement this. Looks interesting. Will give it a go when i find some time.
  6. It definitely has to be an option on a docker container.
  7. The title says it all. Auto-update docker containers.
  8. Has anyone enabled custom self signed cert for ssl? I tried to fill up the boxes in plex gui under network setting but it doesn't use it. It just uses some other cert.
  9. Is there a way to fix it? Do you have it running as host and not as bridge?
  10. You must generate ttv file like i posted before or use something from russian sites. I generate it myself before f1 weekeend with ace stream id's of skyf1 channel.
  11. U can use simple m3u pvr client in kodi and add link to m3u which acestream creates.
  12. What, all of you using vnc for connection, no one is using citrix? The last time i used vnc it was to slow to use it as a normal pc. Has that changed?
  13. Is anyone using rpi as thin client to connect to osx? Maybe with citrix?
  14. Glad it worked as you liked. LMS for me is the best sound system! All you need is a rpi and one high quality dac for it.
  15. Did you try instaling shairtunes2 plugin? I'm using it to play spotify from iphone to LMS player trough airplay and it works great.