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What causes duplicate files within an array?

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I've been paying more attention to my log file of-late, and discovered a substantial block of files (meaning about 4 seasons of a TV show) that were listed as duplicate files.  I checked, and sure enough, the same files were on two different drives in the array.  I deleted the duplicates, verified the files still showed up via my shares, and everything was fine.  But I'm wondering how these duplicates came to be.  I never copy directly to the drives- EVER.  In fact, the direct-to-drive shares are hidden.  So, I'm just wondering how I ended up with these files.

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No cache disk now.  But!  That raises a good point.  I previously had a cache disk- removed due to its failing health.  I'll bet that's it! 


Once on the server, the only manipulation I ever do is renaming for consistency.  And as they were flagged as duplicates, that doesn't seem likely.

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Well, I think it's possible that you could copy a group of files to a new directory and then go back to the original directory and re-name it to match the new directory name, which could put 2 sets of files onto 2 different disks with the same directory and same names. Of course, it would only occur if you can actually do that.


It's also just possible that your cache disk acted up and caused it.



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