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Effect of "kernel oplocks" and "oplocks" settings in file 'smb-extra-conf'


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Recently stumbled over a post recommending the addition of the following lines to the smb-extra-conf file.  The claim is that it reduces the likelihood of "buffering" when streaming to a media player.


kernel oplocks = No

oplocks = No


I'm just wondering WHAT these commands do?  Any negative effects on system safety that I should be concerned with?



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Never heard of it until you posted, but this seems reasonable:




and more



that explains those strange files you get if a nfs copy/move/delete is interrupted

Local UNIX and NFS clients access files without a mandatory file-locking mechanism. Thus, these client platforms are incapable of initiating an oplock break request from the server to a Windows client that has a file cached. Local UNIX or NFS file access can therefore write to a file that has been cached by a Windows client, which exposes the file to likely data corruption.


If files are shared between Windows clients and either local UNIX or NFS users, turn oplocks off.

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For now this is the only option that really works for me it the buffering problems issues with XBMC on AppleTV2...


This is only with AppleTV2 client, it others i dont have this problems.


Two days tested and i think it is ok too it unraid samba shares... :)

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