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Power down problem!!!

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I'm having a problem powering down my server since i updated to 5.0 beta10. When i hit the stop array button my browser just sits there saying waiting for Tower. It will just stay like this and not respond. If i refresh the page i cant get back into the main page menu. It then tells me cant find/connect to tower!  It seems to shut down but not completely. Then my only other option is to press the power button on the tower to shut it down. I then have to power the server back up and then i can see the power down button. Once i press that it does a clean power down.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply dgaschk. I was running 5.0 beta 2 before i upgraded to beta 11. I did back up all the 5.0 beta 2 files on my stick before i upgraded to beta 11. If i wanted to go back to beta 2 how do i do that? I had no power down problems with that version.

Sorry for the newbie questions but i don't want to screw up my server and all the files saved on it.



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