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Windows 7 / Share is, but isn't, mapped and available at logon


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I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Premium 32-bit on my HTPC.  Using the previous image with Vista I never had this issue, that is, when logging on the HTPC offers a pop-up window that my unRaid shares could not be connected at logon.  If I open Windows Explorer I see both drive mappings there with red x's over them, however, as soon as I click one on they become immediately available.  Is there something I'm missing that might help resolve this issue?  I do have "reconnect at logon" checked off for both mapped drives.  I've got to believe I'm not the only one who has seen this issue with Windows 7 and unRaid or perhaps any other NAS.

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Really?  No one else has this issue?  It is a huge issue for me since I automate a number of items for my PC to do and the scripts must access the unRaid shares.  The scripts will fail unless I manually click on the share in Windows Explorer.  If I do that then the scripts run fine, but obviously it sort of defeats the point of having scripts and automation if I had to manually make the shares visible to Windows every time. 

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Why not just use the network location for your applications instead of mapping a drive?


for example - \\Tower\Movies


This has never failed to work for me. If you want security on your server then set-up a user with the same name and password as used on your PC.


My PC at work always gives an error about connecting to network drives if I have say Windows Explorer open to the network drive. It is a pain because I just click OK and it works.



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