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I have got my unRaid box up and running and playing with some test data before moving anything i cant afford to lose on it.


I have 3 x 500Gb drives in my box, One Parity and two in the Raid. I have created 4 user shares. If i look on Disk 1 i see the shares, if i look on Disk 2 i dont.


Any ideas? do i need to enable something?

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no it will when disk1 is full create next one i think?


Or you could create share (folder ) on disk2 , and put a temp file there.  This will then appear on the share.



share name Apps

\\tower\disk1\apps (exists)

\\tower\disk2\apps (creae this folder)

create a file TEST.txt on \\tower\disk2\apps


browsing to \\tower\apps

test.txt will appear AND contents from disk1 apps share.


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