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[SOLVED] Will this rebuild the array or delete my data

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I'm afraid I have a very simple newbie question here because I'm afraid to loose all the data.

I have two data disks full of data that belonged to a 4.5.1 installation where the motherboard gave up.

I now have a new box up and running with the two data disks and a new larger unformated parity disk and a 4.5.7 unRaid on the flash drive. Flash drive are reformated as a clean install and I didn't bring any configuration with me from the previous install.

I've selected the right disk devices under the device page  as parity and data disks and ready to start the array. On the main page the disks are marked blue and array "Stopped. Initial configuration". The question is simply will unRaid delete the data disks or will it simply rebuild the data based on what's on the disks when I press start. I just has to be sure. Sorry :-\

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