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[SOLVED] Tvix & unRAID: problem with folder caching?


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I archive Blu-ray folders (BDMV) on my unRAID server and stream them to my Tvix player (6500) via NFS. For a couple of days now, Blu-ray folders are no more recognized as being Blu-ray structures, meaning instead of playing the movie when I click onto the folder, the player just enter this folder (so I'm exposed to the structure but I can still play the movie by hitting the .m2ts file).


Now, I observed this from the very beginning of my switch Synology > unRAID but it occurred only on some movies, and in a random fashion. Now it just occurs all the time. I have to precise that I checked that movies that were launching in Blu-ray mode with Synology and unRAID are now no more recognized as BD. The player has then nothing to do with it.


Besides, when I first started to make some tests with Blu-ray streaming, I experienced some stuttering problems with movies than ran fine on my Synology. In general, unRAID seems less responsive than my Synology which is pretty surprising considering the very minimalistic hardware of the latter. I have the feeling that unRAID might not be responsive enough and that Blu-ray folders are not recognized as such because of some kind of "timeout".


My second thought is the following : do unRAID uses some kind of folder caching in order to navigate faster inside directories? If so, is it possible that the recognition of Blu-ray structures is somewhat biaised by this? Instead of analyzing wether it's a BD or not, the player receives the information that it's just some kind of subdirectories...


Now, I'm gonna try one more thing : creating .iso instead of folders. In this case, I'm 99% sure the player will recognize and play the file correctly. However it's not a solution for me due to .iso performance problem over NFS. Moreover it will not solve my occasional problem with NFS stuttering.


Any thought?




I'm now wondering if it's not a permission problem... Initially I had 3 drives and I had modified their permission if I remember correctly. Later on I added more drives but did not modify their permissions. I also remember that movies moved first had no problem. On the contrary, movies moved recently had. Good movies > modified permissions, bad movies > wrong permissions. I'll try to modify the permissions on each drive tonight.


Still, any thought on the performance issue?


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Yeah sorry for the missing information...


I'm now running b13. Initially I was running b12. As for the log, I'll post it when I get back home (but I don't think it'll be that useful).


In the meantime I checked my "permission theory"... Well it's an epic fail  8) I thought there was some read-only/rw permissions and stuff but actually it's limited to Public/Private/Secure. I was pretty sure my problem had something to do with the drives interacting somewhat differently with the player but it's not the case : movie 1 on disk 3 was recognized as BD, movie 2 on disk 3 was not recognized. Different movies, same disk, but different behaviors.


I also check my ".iso vs folder theory" and it's an epic win  :-* Converting a failing movie from folder structure to .iso actually allowed the recognition as Blu-ray (but the performance issue with .iso on the player side was confirmed). However I don't know how to interpret this result.


Regarding unRAID, I don't have a clue what I could investigate any further...

From the computer side, I'm gonna investigate the file creation process. Despite the fact that I'm still using the same softwares for the creation part, I recently started to use TeraCopy to transfer the files from my computer to unRAID. After a brief comparison, it seems reasonable to think that no file corruption occurs during the transfer with TeraCopy but I'll do a real test.


Still, I'm wondering about this folder caching hypothesis. Any clue?


Thanks a lot!

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Have you run "New Permissions" in the Utils tab?


I had. But I think I've found the problem and it has nothing to do with unRAID : seems like there's a bug on the player side when using the sorting function. Sort by name = everything's good, sort by time = some movies aren't good. Despite using the sorting option in the past, I never encountered that bug, probably just by luck.


I'll try to confirm this tomorrow when I got more time... Sorry for posting about this here  :-\

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