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Deleting partitions and formatting harddisks. Is it possible in Unraid?

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Well there is the question I have. Is this at all possible: To delete partitions and then re-format a harddisk. Is it possible in Unraid with the help of Unmenu or someother utility. And with the choice of different filesystems (ext2, ext3, NTFS, FAT32).


I stumbled on this after adding 2 drives that I took from a CH3SNAS to my ESATA tower and which I tried to mount and share on the network with SNAP. These drives seem to have 3 partitions: swap, part2(ext2) and part4(ext2) as recognized in Disk Management in Unmenu. I managed to mount and share the ext2 partition on which the data is that I want to keep through Unmenu.

I use Unraid 4.7.


Further help and advice is greatly appreciated.


Should I just use fdisk?


Can anyone help?

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