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[SOLVED] Move data to unraid disk inside ubuntu.


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I am presently using unraid 4.7 and am in the processes of moving data to my unraid box, the parity disk has not yet been added,  i will add the parity disk once i have moved my data across.


i have a raid3 card and three disks in the unraid box, currently not connected as unraid can's see them so no point in having them connected while i move date onto the unraid disks, i need to get the data off the raid3 and move it to unraid so i then can use the 3x500gb disks for unraid.


i was wondering if it were possible for me to boot into ubuntu on the unraid box, mount one of the unraid disks and the raid3 disk and movie data over to the unraid disk then boot back into unraid and start the array, is this possible or does unraid need to keep a record of the data moved to the disks, even though it's has no parity disk yet?


Edit: only problem encountered was, some folders had there contents, file permissions changed, and were hidden, seemed to be it was only the folders placed in a root folder that had a space in it's name, easily solved using midnight commander.




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Ok well i went ahead and moved data in the way described above, everything seems fine, i had read this thread: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=11311.0


and understand that there is a potential for there being some corrupted data, not having the parity disk enabled, but i would appreciate some input from someone with more knowledge of unraid than my self, is there a procedure i should follow before building the parity?


I'm just starting out with unraid, so if i've asked something stupid or not supplied info that would be needed to answer my question, please let me know..



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