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Permissions - v5.0 beta 13 help needed

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I realise there have been a few posts on permissions under 5.0 but I can't seem to fid one which helps with my specific query.


I use Sabnzbd (started automatically from my "Go" config file) to download from usenet , when Sab downloads things it automatically extracts and then puts it to a directory which Sab creates itself on unraid.  


This all worked perfectly well under 4.7 but since I have upgraded to 5.0 beta 13 I have started to have problems with directory permissions.  When Sab has to create a new directory I am having permissions errors in Win 7 for each of these directories and the only way for me to get access to these directories is to re-run Permissions Settings script in unraid (the one you are told to run when you first upgrade).  I also cannot access these directories from XBMC until the script is rerun.


I do not have any users setup in unraid and want all files to be accessable by anyone on any machine without the need for passwords.  I do login as user "Dave" on Win 7 however.


Any help would be appreciated.



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