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No Web Gui

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Hello everyone!


I have been using UnRaid for a few months and have been satisfied overall. I found I didn't make the split level high enough, so disk were filling up causing the system to crash and give all sorts of errors. Once I increased the level to 8 all has been smooth sailing except...



Every other day I lose connectivity to the WebGui. The static IP address is and the unit is called VVData. How can I connect via Web Gui? The console works fine. I have save the error log to the boot drive, and will look at it momentarily, but it's as if the IP address gets lost because I can browse the SMB shared folders fine, but I can't write to them. If I try to, I get the spinner on a MAC) and it eventually times out.


Any ideas?

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I also found that reading items isn't working either. I can browse the folders, but that is it, the files won't open.


That is a rolled over syslog.


Look for a syslog.1, syslog.2 file in the /var/log directory (ls /var/log)


copy those to the flash drive (cp /var/log/syslog.1 /boot/syslog_1.txt) and so on for any other logs that might exist.

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I that because I unplugged the USB drive and put it back in?


If you did that while the server is running then yes.  NEVER EVER EVER unplug the USB drive while the server is running.



since the server no longer knows that the flash drive is there you are going to have to do:

cp /var/log/syslog.1 /mnt/disk1/syslog_1.txt


and do that for any other logs that might exist.



You are going to have to restart the server and it will probably want to do a parity check when it restarts.

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