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Memory slot not working


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I replaced my MoBo with a spare, but it seems only one of two RAM slots is working properly. (Replaced due to HPA issues)


The server wouldn't POST, so i took out one stick of RAM and it booted right up. Swapped sticks, still booted, so I put the first good stick in the slot, not working. This puts me down to only 1GB of ram in my server now.


Stupid idea to keep running the server? I really don't care to get ANOTHER motherboard, and tear it all apart again after finally getting my server back up and running again. I was just thinking of getting a single 2GB or 4GB DDR2 stick.


Just looking for some advice and thoughts.



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1 GB is fine for basic NAS usage (running stock unRAID).  2 GB or more is recommended for certain add-ons, but many such as unMenu will still run just fine on 1 GB.  You should be fine for the time being.


Are your two RAM sticks a matched pair?  Some motherboards can be finicky about that.  Also, are you using a Supermicro motherboard?  They are notoriously picky about the type of RAM they will and will not accept.

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The motherboard is an ECS A740gm-m. Both sticks are identical crucial 1gb sticks.


Really the only thing I use my server for is a NAS setup, no video encoding or anything, I use my HTPC to do that. Still running unraid 4.5.4 plus but plan to upgrade tomorrow once my HD has the HPA removed, didn't want to adversely affect unraid 5 with only 1gb.


The friend I got this from never used the motherboard, so it was sitting in the package for the past two years, I'm sure the warranty is now expired.

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