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Files can be seen from orig. computer, but as tmp on others


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Title pretty much says it. I saved some JPG, and PNG files from Photoshop on my unraid server. I can see them fine on the computer I created them with. But, when I go to that directory from another computer. I only see 0 byte tmp files.


I am on version 4.5.6 of Unraid. Both computers are Windows 7 Pro computers.


Any thoughts?




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I have 4 computers total, and only the computer that put the files there can see them.


All computers are Windows 7 computers.


I just how checked, and the status has changed just a little: At time of starting this thread, aside from the computer that created the files, 2 of 5 could be seen and 3 showed as tmp 0 byte files. Now those  computers still see 2 files, but only 1 tmp file. The original computer can still see them all.


Really strange.


BTW...the files are jpg files created with Adobe CS5.





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