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Subsonic transcoding issue with Subsonic 4.6b1


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Hey Guys,


I recently upgraded my subsonic to the latest update as it had numerous changes in the changelog


New: Simplified and improved transcoding framework.

New: Improved video quality with H.264 encoding.

New: Reimplemented jukebox. More robust and new features.

New: Share on Google+.

New: Estimate content-length for transcoded audio.

New: Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Muiz.

New: Updated German translation, courtesy of deejay.

New: Added BUUF theme, courtesy of Fractal Systems.

New: Added UK English translation, courtesy of Brian Aust.

New: Hide dock icon on Mac.

Bugfix: Menu broken in "Settings > Shared media" when logged in as admin.

Tech: Improved security in Linux packages.

Tech: Stronger license check.

Tech: Use UTF-8 when reading playlist files.

API: Include files in root folders.

API: New jukebox features.


However, after upgrading it seems that my transcoding for video files has broken? Has anybody else recently upgraded to the new subsonic beta that could share some insight?




It seems it's to do with the ffmpeg by the looks of it, as the transcoding string has changed in the newer version. Is anybody familiar with updating the ffmpeg file inside subsonics /transcode/ folder?

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Just upgraded to 4.6b2 and video is broken here. Music is fine but with video I get "Video not found or access denied"


Looking at the debug logs I'm running ffmpeg 0.6. The latest slackware package I could find is ffmpeg 0.8. No idea how to convert the tgz to be used with Subsonic.

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Yeah, to follow up on this while changing the transcoding string does 'fix' it, it doesn't actually fix the problem, and in future builds when more features of ffmpeg are added it would likely destroy usability some more.


Has anybody had any success compiling ffmpeg and getting it to work with subsonic that they could share? (Or a pre-compiled file of course, though teach a man to fish...)

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