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  1. Thanks for this plugin and apologies for what might be a simple question: I may have missed this but exactly how do you go about restoring? I tried using the backed up XML but got an NVRAM related error. Do you have to manually move the NVRAM files somewhere? Thanks
  2. If anyone from the future stumbles upon this topic and has everything set up properly but keeps getting the message below when attempting to sign into iMessage To use iMessage with this Mac, contact Apple Support and provide the code below. Customer Code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Apple ID: XXX@blah.com Your appleID is probably blacklisted. Your only choice is to call or chat with apple support and let them know you think your apple ID is blocked. It's possible you've had too many attempts under your current serial number which caused your account to be flagged. In my case
  3. Trying to install the latest x5 beta as above but can't get the activation prompt to show (shows as already activated). The noavx version works fine? Not sure what I'm doing incorrectly.
  4. Thank you for this! This allowed me to get google cast devices and Homekit working in home assistant! Is there a way to have the docker network command issued automatically on system reboot or do you do it manually each time?
  5. Hello All, Looking to upgrade my current rig to an 8th or 9th gen processor. Could anyone recommend a good motherboard that is working with pass through for this? Was looking at z390 but apparently the IOMMU groupings are not the best.
  6. How is that board working out for you, would you recommend it? I'm looking to run a windows VM and pass through the iGPU
  7. Any luck with this? I'm in the exact same boat as you with home assistant, I read an old post about someone setting up avahi on a small ubuntu VM. May try that later. Edit: No luck enabling avahi in an ubuntu VM. Not sure if there's a solution. I ended up setting up the cast node in node-red to handle sending announcements to speakers around the house.
  8. Looking to upgrade from a Haswell based system to something more recent to take advantage of Intel QuickSync for use in a Win10 VM that will run Blue Iris for surveillance, so Skylake or above if I'm not mistaken. The machine also serves as a daily driver/desktop so a mobo with outputs for 2 monitors is ideal. If anyone could chime in on known CPU Mobo combinations that would support this I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  9. you need to run the command mentioned from a terminal window, which you should be able to launch from your unraid main page or by using ssh/telnet to login to your server.
  10. Log attached. Pi-hole admin console is accessable at my server's IP address and show's active but no ads are being filtered. Set primary DNS on my router to point to the server. Any help is appreciated. log.txt
  11. Can't seem to get this working. Have the docker running in host mode (won't ruin in other network modes). I can access the admin page but pihole doesn't seem to be accepting dns requests. No activity is noted in the admin page. I have dual nics on my rig so not sure if that is causing problems? Thanks for your hard work!
  12. I'm in the same boat on 6.1.9 as well. Unistalled, re-installed and SSH damon won't start. Oddly it was working before. Any solutions? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the insight, I'll try to implement some changes. My motherboard has 2 networking chipsets, when I started having network errors I thought maybe switching rm the Intel to the Realtek. Will report back if any of these changes solve the issue. I just find it odd that I never experienced this issue before upgrading from a v6 beta to 6.0 and 6.01 Thanks again!
  14. Ever since upgrading to V6 and now with 6.01 my server has been unexpectedly dropping off the network. I have tried replacing the ethernet cable and switching to a different ethernet port as my Mobo has 2 onboard. No dice. Oddly if I disconnect the cable and plug it back in the server comes back online. I've attached my syslog. No problems with any other devices connected to the same switch. Any sage advice would be much appreciated. tower-syslog-20150703-0632.zip