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Dual ethernet connection (Different Subnet)


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Did not want to jump the other post going on Dual ethernet connection as that seems to be about bonding which is not what i need.


I am sure i have asked this but cant find the post if i did.




I have 1 Nic in my unRaid connected direct in to my switch. What i would like to do is add another two Nics to unRaid and for the two Nics to be on the same subnet. For example


Nic 1 -


Nic 2 -


Nic 3 -


Nic 2 & 3 would then go to different VMHosts and would be used to talk back to unRaid for NFS traffic only. I am running Beta 13. How could i configure unRaid to see these two extra Nics?


Thanks in advance

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I have this done on my machine and its easy to do.

Step 1:

In your config set your primary IP address with a gateway. (This is where your machine will do any internet access related things.)


Step 2:

In your go script (/boot/config/go) add a line for each new nic

ifconfig eth1 192.168.1.X netmask up
ifconfig eth2 192.168.1.X netmask up


eth0 has already been setup in step 1 so no need to worry about it.


Reboot your array or run the commands manually to bring them up.

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