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Slowish network speeds with Intel 82574L NIC controller


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I've been having curiously slow network speeds on my UnRaid server since I built it last week and was wondering if anyone else experienced this with the Intel 82574L NIC controller. I found this post about a possible issue here:



Anyone else have this controller chip and experiencing any speed issues? I am getting about 40MBs with it but the same drives on my desktop with UnRaid gave me over 50% faster speeds.


My motherboard has a second NIC with an Intel 82579 PHY controller so I'll try switching NIcs tomorrow to see if that helps.

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the only problem with this theory is the Intel 82574L is currently one of the industry standard chipsets and one of the most stable NICs.


A large percentage of unraid builds are based on Supermicro X7, X8 and X9 motherboards and almost all use this chipset.


I would guess it is is something localized to your set up?


it is possible to get a lemon built in nic. usually those are Usually 100% dead, not running slower then normal.

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Thanks for the reply, I think you are right that it's probably my network and not the NIC as I had a great suprise yesterday when I set my MTU to 9000 on my windows machine and got 130MBs speeds :)

Unfortunatly the difference in Ubuntu was less, giving me about a 25% increase to 50MBps. But I think the Jumbo Frames are hiding the real issue because with iperfs, when I use a window size of 2MB (-w 2) I also get those insane speeds. I'm going to try some more stuff today to see how I can get my Ubuntu machines transfering at those speeds but thanks again for your response.

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