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strange intermitent network issue [solved]

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I'm getting "Link beat lost" errors in the syslog (when it happens files being played off the machine studder).


Seems to happen intermittently - for example syslog shows:

Nov 3: 12 times

Nov 6 (so 4th and 5th no issues): 1 time

Nov 7 once

Nov 9: 3 times

Nov 11: 4 times

Nov 12: 5 times

Nov 15, 16, 17 about 6-8 times each day

Nov 18: 25 times

Nov 19: 70 + times

Nov 20: 180+ times


I've not changed anything during the above issues:  I've now tried changing the cable and got a few more; changed ports, still got a couple.


Today (the 20th) I was only playing video files off the machine :(


I have Not yet tried a new NIC (as I don't really have space in the machine, but will make some if needed).

And I have not Tried a new Switch yet.


I'm using Gigabit - on board card to gigabit switch (D-Link 5 port).

Motherboard should show in my info section.


What is the most likely cause of this issue?  NIC or Switch? Or something else?


(I've switched cables - currently on a Cat6, which still has it throwing errors occasionally).

That said, it does seem to have "calmed" down, but only time will tell.




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