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Lowest power consumption server board with CPU, reliable


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Hi, I am looking for some very low power consumption board. At least 1ghz processor, at least 2 ethernets(best intel)

I was thinking of this:


It is powered by 12-16V(what is ideal for me), but it has realtek ethernets, what is bad.


I couldn find anything similar. I was thinking of built some server from usual pc components, but I am affraid of reliability


What would be propably best is some supermicro board with picopsu. What do you think?

And what can you recommend?

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What ever that was you linked to.. stay away.. that was some sort of proprietary board for something like a router. not for a file server.


if you want an all in one solution, I would recommend the supermicro X7SPE-HF-D525


After that, I would recommend any of the Supermicro X9SCM or X9SCL boards with a sandybridge I3. perhaps the I3-2100T.


The older Supermicro X8Sil with a low end I3 would also work quite well.



If you want to go with a desktop board. (in order of power savings)

the newish AMD Hudson boards should be low power (all in one boards)

Intel atom boards (all in one boards)

Most LGA1155/1156 boards with an I3

AMD AM3 boards with a Sempron 140 or 145.



I cant vouch for reliability on all of the desktop boards, but there are some that would wok very well.

If you search the forums for the model that you like, you might find if someone has tested it if it works or not.

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What has lower power consumption. Systems with d510 or d525? Which one is better to buy?


the 525 is newer then the 510, it is also more efficient. the 525 has slightly more horsepower and a faster ram clock (DDR3) and uses less electricity.

the DDR3 ram for the 525 should be cheaper to buy also.


I would get the 525 over the 510. ( I also saw the 525 was cheaper last time i Looked).


Personally, I would consider getting the IPMI version (f) if you can. that offers a built in KVM over IP. it depends on your budget and server set up.


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There's nothing wrong with most Realtek NICs.  It is only the Realtek 8111E that is incompatible with unRAID 4.7.  It is compatible with the latest betas (13 and 14).  I do agree that Intel NICs are generally better, but I wouldn't disregard a quality board just because it has a Realtek NIC.

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