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  1. arent LSI _the_ recommended cards? Forgive my ignorance but it is very surprising to read that a common, recommended controller doesnt play nicely with unraid. What's the deal with this? (I have two LSI cards and _extremely_ happy that I havent yet moved on from 6.8.3, jesus)
  2. As a data point. My primary server is now 10 years old, and I continue to use the same flash drive. Perhaps I should prophylactically upgrade?
  3. OK last question, then. Is it possible to use my cache drive on the marvell controller without issue? I was planning to add a cache.
  4. Crap! Yes, I see that now - page 16 of the manual shows a marvell 88SE9128 controller for 1 PATA and 2 SATA-III ports. Jesus, I had no idea. thank you very much for identifying this for me, Jorge.
  5. Ah, yes, you are right - not enough coffee. I will try that tonight. Is there no way to replace that marvell controller? I suppose i need to avoid both of those, limiting my array to 12 disks?
  6. OK that answer was incomplete...Im slow. This is a supermicro C7P67 with 6 onboard SATA controllers, and I have an LSI SAS2008 for 8 more. All 8 of the LSI ports are used, and 5 of the onboard. I see in the log where it says I have scsi host1 and scsi host 2 using Marvell - these must be on the motherboard, right? how can i change that? Why would only two have marvell controllers?
  7. They are the same five blocks. I thought I eliminated the Marvell controller when I put the LSI card in to replace my SASLP? Do I have the wrong card now?
  8. Jorge, sorry, I wasnt clear. That log is from right before shutting down last night to replace the breakout cables. I restarted and began a parity check - which is not in that diagnostic. The currently running parity check again shows 5 errors, so they are being corrected a second time. I will upload another diagnostic tonight when the check finishes.
  9. Update. Last night i replaced both breakout cables from my LSI card to the disks, and started a new parity check. I have the same 5 errors again. I am attaching a diagnostic in case anyone can identify something to help track down the issue. I have the option of swapping hardware but obviously would not like to do that. thanks for your help.
  10. No, both checks were correcting. I am going to replace my breakout cables and try again.
  11. I am trying to decide on updating from 6.8.3... I am observing a number of issues that I am not interested in dealing with. Any downsides to remaining at 6.8.3 for now?
  12. Well I am running a second parity check and, as expected, I see these 5 errors again. Hopefully this means they are corrected; but is it possible they are scrambled? I am writing corrections to parity; I dislike doing this because eventually I need to replace a disk, and i worry about the potential for these errors to corrupt my rebuild. Is it possible this is a memory-related error? I will replace my sas-sata breakout cables this weekend and run a third parity check. Any input here is welcome.
  13. Would writing to the array during a parity check possibly cause the errors?
  14. No, Jorge, It has been fine. The one unusual issue i have had is an st800dm drive has been throwing crc errors- enough that i am going to return it. I dont see others, so i assumed that isnt the issue. How do i find where the errors are? Maybe its time to replace my 2 year old sas to sata cables?
  15. I used to use a SASLP-MV8 in my array, for about 7 years. I would occasionally get 5 parity errors as you have done. I replaced that controller with an LSI SAS2008 (PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (rev 03) ) and have had good service from it. However, just yesterday I had a parity check complete, and I have 5 errors. Since this pattern has been related to the SAS controller, does anyone think I have something to worry about with this one? I think I will run a second parity check. In the past, when I did this, the same 5 errors would show up, and a third check would show