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  1. Chiming in, NV, If i am correct in summarizing your initial post as "I am afraid to use unraid because of the possibility of bitrot" then my sarcastic thought in reply is that it is similar to thinking "I am afraid to go for a walk outdoors because I am afraid of being struck by lightning/bitten by a cobra/hit by an asteroid" I am not taking a side on bitrot being a problem or not, but if it is, it is a very low probability problem with a very low file loss rate. I am not even sure it is unique to unraid. You should have a separate physical backup of anything important - something which absolutely has nothing to do with unraid. Like many, my first unraid array, built in 2011, is still in service as my primary nas. I have a second and my next PC of any type will also be an unraid array (who cares, just mentioning). It is reliable, as cheap as it can be when you have 10's of TB of storage, and its as easy to use as it could be. If you've never maintained a NAS before, you will see that you have a lot to learn no matter which you choose. Like many, I'd recommend unraid but it's your life. Use unraid or no, but bitrot fear seams a ludicrous reason to avoid unraid. good luck, Pete
  2. I wont annoy anyone by posting my objection to the UPC again, but in case it makes any difference to the company, for whom I have had great respect and good feelings for about 11 years, this will represent the end of my support. I will not upgrade from my current state. I have ZERO interest in having my servers connected to the internet except for one application on my backup server. There is no need to take any risk whatsoever of allowing some mistake/mismanagement/malicious attack/ whatever at Lime technology and _especially_ over this "for information only" forum. I am stunned that connecting registration on this forum directly to our server license and information was even floated except over a beers. I really can't believe this is being considered. I suppose the modern way of things is subscriptions to gouge every last dime out of customers at a seemingly low price month by month but I am rejecting it from microsoft and will reject it here. I am quite happy with my purchase, have recommended UNRAID uncounted times to others and several friends are now users but that is at an end. I will remain at my current version of unraid that that's that. It sounds like i need also to delete this forum account, unfortunately. I am certain noone gives a rat's but I thought I would clarify my position before signing off of the forum. Why not just charge for version upgrades instead? Is that because people might decide they dont need the current version and you'd like to charge them anyway? At the price of the security of my servers? I just dont understand. I have happily paid for my licenses and was actually considering purchasing a third, but man this will get very expensive very quickly if i pay for it every month. what happens when i stop paying?
  3. Agree, no risk like this is acceptable.
  4. for my two servers, listed in my sig, here are my numbers: i7-3770 server, idle (no activity, all disks spun down) is about 60 watts. at 99% processor activity and all drives spun up, it is about 195 watts. 1230L server, idle at about 36 watts. it never sees full activity, but all disks active results in just uner 60 watts. fwiw, i am sure noone cares
  5. the supermicro server boards are excellent. go to the supermicro website page for that board to identify specific compatible products. the intel website is a good source of information on each compatible processor, its a simple matter of checking those web pages.
  6. If you'll forgive me, your post sounds like an open threat that developers must provide xyz or you will buy something else. If that's not what you're trying to say then you might reword it... if this is what you meant, well, best of luck to you mate. It seems to me that a second server, providing backup, is a solution. There must be hundreds of ways to use a backup server effectively.
  7. Thanks jb. I think you are implying to then remove the old drive and use the new config to rebuild parity after swapping the disks? Probably a bit less work too. thanks!
  8. I'm late to the party on this one I have one ST8000DM004 that I bought because it was cheap. It failed in february with a bunch of udmacrc errors that were not affected by swapping out the cable - last count was 1491 and that was generated after a preclear when i tried to put it into my array and write to it - unraid wrote a few GB and then hundreds of crc errors popped and i had to rebuild my array with the disk it was replacing. I was able to RMA that drive and i now have a refurbished ST8000DM004 with another year of warranty. I really would like to use it in my array, and from reading here it sounds like I can get the life out of it by rebuilding my smaller disk onto it, then moving data from other disks onto the DM0004 so that no more writes occur to it, and just let it sit and serve data. IIRC i used the original DM004 that failed as my parity disk for a while. Does anyone like or dislike my strategy? I hate to throw away $250 replacing what should be a perfectly serviceable drive. I'd like to minimize my risk with it. I am running dual parity, so not that worried about a failed drive if that's what happens. Thanks for your suggestions on this.
  9. I dont know if there is much differentiation among SATA cables but I use monoprice cables. Seasonic is the gold standard for power supplies. I think you want at least a 850W PS, though, with that many drives.
  10. dont take this the wrong way, mate, but using a NAS commits you to a lifetime of occasional drive purchases. If you need another drive to migrate data, you should just buy the drive. You will use it and need more in the future anyway. Im not being unsympathetic, this is the easiest way and you are going to buy more drives anyway as time goes by.
  11. Not sure where to post, so here it goes: Now that i stopped using the two mb marvell SATA ports, i have only 14, and they are full. I have a new drive that i need to preclear before i add it to my array. Can i do that on the marvell port and then transfer it to another port when i replace a drive? Im in a bind because my power supply doesnt seem to be able to handle a second 8 port controller, and i dont need 8 more ports anyway. the new drive is an exchange from an rma - can i assume its good and just swap it in? Seems risky to me...
  12. thanks mate, I see Jorge's thread now. This thread should probably be un-stickied as it is obsolete?
  13. I don't mean to complain, but the first posti in this thread recommends the Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8, which I have, unfortunately. This card can no longer be used in UNRAID and the first post really should be changed to reflect current reality. Or should one be expected to read all 29 pages of the thread to generate one's own list to sort through?
  14. arent LSI _the_ recommended cards? Forgive my ignorance but it is very surprising to read that a common, recommended controller doesnt play nicely with unraid. What's the deal with this? (I have two LSI cards and _extremely_ happy that I havent yet moved on from 6.8.3, jesus)
  15. As a data point. My primary server is now 10 years old, and I continue to use the same flash drive. Perhaps I should prophylactically upgrade?