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sda vs hda

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I initially installed two drives in my array to get it going, and after moving some data from a different server, reclaimed the 3 drives (+ one new one) to put into the unraid box.  For some reason, I've ended up with sda, sdb, sdc, sdd, and then hda & hdb.  Do I need to worry that the last two are not sde & sdf?  MB is ASROCK A770DE+, the two drives in question are Seagate ST2000DL003 & WD WD6400AADS.  BIOS says they're all sata, and unraid recognizes them as sata in the syslog, but I got different device names than I expected.  I'm still getting into linux, so I'm not sure what, if any, impact this has on performance or anything like that.  It's a PITA to get into my case right now because of some environmental issues, or I'd just move them around and see if the hda/hdb stays with the port or the drive.


I appreciate your thoughts - thanks...

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Will changing from IDE to AHCI change any device numbering for the existing array (using /dev/sda & /dev/sdc)?  Or will what I have still be ok?

It might change the device names, but they do not not matter, as they could change from one boot to another.


In unRAID 4.7 and early 5.0beta releases the hard disk controller port number is used is used to affiliate disks with slots in the array.

In the last few 5.0beta releases, the disk model and serial number are used. 


In earlier releases, you might need to use the "devices" page to re-assign a disk to its own slot after changing the bios option.  In the later,  unRAID should figure out everything on its own.


Therefore, before making any change make note of the model/serial number of each disk in the array and their respective slots.  (A screen shot of the "devices" page would do it the easiest)  Just in case.

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I just installed my 5th drive, and this happened to me as well.  I did a Google search and got his.  I will get in to my bios and check for the "ide" and "SATA IDE combine" mode and disable it.  I am conducting a parity check and preclearing a drive at the moment.  So, it will have to wait till tomorrow ;).


Another quick question:


I've read the once I change my bios from "ide" to "ahci," I will have to re-assign the drives again.  So, Will I lose any data when doing this?  Or everything will remain the same?

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Should not effect data. Just make sure the parity drive is assigned to the parity slot. The data disks can be assigned to any data slot. This setting should stick in BIOS. Bios should not be resetting.


Thanks.  I just finished preclearing my 5th drive.  So, I'll change the BIOS prior to setting my 5th drive to the array.

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