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Unraid multi node setup

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Is there any chance unraid will support multiple nodes in the future?


Having multiple unraid hosts that share their storage and are able to distribute the load of the virtual machines and containers over them. Maybe HA capabilities.

Am only asking because I've been using unraid for many years and love it.

But I recently acquired 3 some beefy supermicro servers. So I got 5 nodes. 
I was looking into proxmox with ceph but after recently seeing the interview on the uncast show and hearing about the upcoming plans I started wondering if this is something that might get added to the pipeline at some point.

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As someone who has recently moved most of his compute load from unRAID to a small Proxmox cluster.... I'd just go with Proxmox.


One really useful thing is using unRAID to host a Proxmox Backup Server VM, to backup the cluster VMs and LXCs. You can also use that same VM as a qDevice if you have an even number of nodes.

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