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Thank you Unraid Team! - 15 minute system recovery from failed USB

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I recently had my USB stick fail on me. I decided to upgrade to 6.12.10, and as I have learned many years ago, I made a backup before I started.

The upgrade took quite a while. Longer than it should have, but It said it had completed without error and a reboot will be required. Check! Rebooted. System takes longer to boot than normal, and pops up with a USB flash error. Drive is 'read only'... Ok. This isn't good. I decide to do a full shutdown and cold boot. Maybe USB bus could use a reset? After a cold boot, USB no longer shows up in bios, and thus, unraid wont start... 


At this point I am unhappy. I grab a samsung USB, download the unraid installation tool, and flash my backup to the new USB. This process took about 12 minutes.


Ok. Lets cross our fingers and try to boot!... and Success! I'm literally right back to where I started before the update. I then get a notification that this usb is not what my license is expecting, and a 'click here to transfer license'. Check! License transferred! Great! I re-run the update to 6.12.10 (much faster this time) and reboot when completed. This part took about 3 minutes.


After successful reboot of 6.12.10, I start the array and she's up and running as if nothing happened.


I just wanted to say thank you to All of the Unraid team for creating a backup/restore that actually works. Simple. Clean. Reliable.

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