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SMB problem with Zidoo Z9X player after IP address change

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Spent last few days reading the internet to try and fix my issue. Clearly to no avail. Hopefully someone maybe able to help but seems to be Zidoo thing.


Had to change router and so have had new IP address and range. Updated unRAID server, as I use fixed IP address on it, to take account of new IP range. All good on that end. I can see server fine from Win 11. I can access SMB share via file explorer app on my Android phone.


Unfortunately whilst Z9X media player has taken on new IP address etc fine I can't access SMB share on unRAID. The old IP address and 'server' are there under Zidoo's Media manager software but I cannot get to new IP address server.


Trying to avoid 'forgetting' old shares on Zidoo's video player and rebuilding as it's 40tb of media. Hoped to use the 'rebuild from new source' option that Zidoo player has for this sort of eventuality so you don't lose all your posters, movie details etc.


Wondered if there was a way I could update a config file on zidoo with new server IP address but life is never that simple. If I reshare the SMB shares as NFS then Zidoo seems to pick everything up fine.


Here's hoping for some pearls of wisdom. They'd be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance.

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