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AMD 7800 Passthrough to Win 10 VM

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OK.....I have read countless threads on this type of setup setup but I can't get mine to work for me.


I have an Asus Z790 Prime MOBO with a 12th Gen i9 processor. I recently purchased an AMD 7800 XT GPU. My goal is to use the internal GPU for Plex transcoding and the AMD GPU for gaming.


The internal GPU does tremendous with Plex trancoding when I boot the server in UEFI mode. Problem is that the Win 10 VM that I created for gaming fails to pass through the AMD GPU (I am unable to connect using Splashtop).  The VM starts but then any action I attempt on the Unraid GUI hangs the system.


If I change the mobo settings to boot in "Legacy" mode (i.e. CSM enabled), the server boots in Legacy mode and the AMD GPU passthrough to the VM works great. Problem is I can no longer use the internal GPU for Plex as the "multi-monitor" option goes away?

I know there are others out there that have got this to work. I feel like I am close but perhaps have one setting incorrect.


Any help is greatly appreciated...


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