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Robbie Ferguson

Forced to jump directly from 4.5 to 5 Beta. Safe?

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Hi all,

Been a while!  My unRAID server has been Mr. Dependable all these years since the build on Category5 Technology TV, and that's impressive.


Last night however, it froze up.  I couldn't access it, couldn't telnet to it, and couldn't do a thing.  I had to hard boot.


On bootup it came up okay (no issues), but then it hung again about 4 hours later.


I powered off the machine & took the unRAID flash drive over to my system.  Unsure of the problem, the first thing I did was extract unRAID 5 beta 14 kernel to the flash thinking an upgrade would be good at the very least.


I booted up no issue and got the warning that firing up your array might break everything since it's a beta, so I safe shutdown and put 4.7 stable in its place.  Now the server won't boot (assuming booting to 5 rewrote some configs?).


So looks like I have no choice, if I'm correct, and have to initialize my array on version 5 beta 14, and cannot first test with 4.7.


My 4.5 has an OLD version of unMENU on it too, and I'm unsure how to remove that without booting it up.  What's the best way to do that since I reckon it's bad to leave it there when switching to version 5?


Should I be scared?


I'm going to bring home a new PSU today just in case that's part of the initial problem.  I also fear the Flash drive could be at end of life since it has been in constant operation for a few years.


Thoughts?  Tips?  Thanks so much!!

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Well, I figured I had no choice and booted up the 5b14 kernel, but I (thankfully) noticed I was down 1 drive, as if one of them was entirely unplugged.


Looks like it simply doesn't see the IDE drive which has been part of my array since day 1.  What gives?

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I guess I'm confused. You said you have to go from 4.7 to 5X. Is there a reason you have to goto 5X?


Why not just rebuild your 4.7 and keep moving along? Last time I had an issue with my USB I simply copied off the config files and rebuilt my USB followed up with a copying back over my config files and rebooted.

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Sorry, maybe it's unclear.  I have to skip OVER 4.7.


For the moment, I'm testing restoring my flash drive from a recent backup (I back it up once per week), so hopefully I'll be back in business with 4.5 and then can upgrade to 4.7.

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Not to get off topic, but I've watched your unraid youtube videos, which helped me on building my current unraid server ;).  Keep up the good job!  May be your can talk about this issue on your show.

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:)  Thanks.


Yes, that's the problem; had the server go down last night unexpectedly and we're live tomorrow night.  So guess who needs to spend his night figuring this out?


Needless to say; just got things back up and running.  My unRAID system (including the Flash drive) is entirely backed up off-site to a Pogoplug.


I downloaded the backup of my flash drive (419 MB) and copied it over.  Booted up to 4.5 brilliantly.  Mounted the flash drive over SMB, pasted the 4.7 kernel, rebooted and here I am up and running with 4.7.


Now I've bought me some time until 5.x stable is released  :)  Phew!  Glad it wasn't more complicated; I've got more important things to be doing for tomorrow's show  :)


Hope you can tune in.  Thanks for the note.

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Good to know you've got it back on.  I just upgraded to 5b14 about 25 min. just to see how it is.  I also have my flash drive backed up in two different locations just in case ;).  I usually watch your show the day after.  I work nights.  So, when your show is live, I'm either working or asleep lol.

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