New Samsung HD no temp connected to Promise TX4


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I tried to make the subject as short and descriptive as I can but here's the story.


I just purchased two new Samsung Spinpoint 750GB HDs (HD753LJ). One of them I put in as the new parity drive (which is attached to my motherboard) and the other I added onto my Promise TX4 controller. The one that was attached to the Promise controller would not report a temperature status.


I had a thought it might be related to the controller card so I swapped the drives around and put it on the motherboard controller as well and viola... it shows now.


Not sure what or why but I figured others might be interested or if Tom or anyone wants some more info, just let me know.


ps. I've now maxed out available connections on my first unRAID with just over 4.2TB of usable storage.  :o


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check if SMART is enabled with this command:


/boot/smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sdx


Issue the following command for the drives with SMART disabled:


/boot/smartctl -a -d ata -s on /dev/sdx


In case you don't have smartctl on your machine you can download that tool in the download area. That worked for my Samsungs. You need to replace sdx with the appropriate device identifier.





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