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I added a section at the top of the FAQ for links to any FAQ's setup for various addons.  I inserted some likely candidates, as examples, easy to edit and point to the current location of any FAQ. 

* CacheDirs FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* CrashPlan FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* PreClear FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* SimpleFeatures FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* SNAP FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* UnMENU FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* unRAID VM under ESXi FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* UPS support FAQ (not available yet, please try here)

* VirtualBox for unRAID FAQ (not available yet, please try here and here)

* etc... (the above seem like good candidates to have their own FAQ, but there are other candidates too, perhaps any with more than 15 pages of forum posts...)


I envision 3 forms a FAQ could take, a wiki page, a dedicated forum thread, or a dedicated forum post.  Which form is best?  I think that should be left to whomever will be doing the work.  Considerations as to which is best include:

* what the FAQ maintainer is most comfortable with

* which form seems to provide the formatting the maintainer prefers

* whether it will be one person or multiple users contributing

* there are a few differences in their security, who can edit, and who is notified of any changes

*  - wiki page can be edited by any unRAID user, but is closely monitored by myself and others; subscribers are notified of any changes

*  - dedicated thread can be edited by anyone unless locked by moderator; subscribers are notified of new posts

*  - dedicated post can only be modified by its author and any moderator; no one is notified of any changes


I don't personally feel that it is important that these FAQ's be standardized, and all the same form.  It's more important that they exist in any form.


Why do I feel that FAQ's are important?  While they can benefit many users, there are mainly 2 classes of users that are especially helped, those users that prefer solving their own problems first, and those users who spend too much time answering the same questions over and over.  There are many users (I'm one) that would prefer to solve their own problems without help if possible, so long as there is easy access to sufficient info.  If I install something new and run into an issue or question, I prefer finding a FAQ or knowledge base or other online support resource, rather than have to interact with others, bother others with what may turn out to be a embarrassingly simple question or one that others are tired of answering.  A FAQ helps both groups, and can help many other users too.


Edited to add another addon candidate, thanks graywolf

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Just in case a potential FAQ maintainer has read the post above, and is thinking "GROAN!!!  Another task to do, when I have no time, and I'm too busy!"


Well, I completely sympathize.  Here's my idea for getting started though.  It does not have to start life fully polished and complete, it only needs one tentative question, in a test post or thread or wiki page.  You might give a little thought now as to how you would like it to look, then wait for the first question you know you have seen way too often.  Make a simple post or page with the one question and an answer, reply with a link to that post or answer (and link it in the main FAQ), then continue adding Q's and A's as they occur.  You aren't tied to any one form or way of doing it.  At any time, you can move it to a different location and/or format, and just update the link in the main FAQ.


After you have created a FAQ somewhere, you will probably also want to put a link to it in the main announcement post for the addon, as well as with its installation instructions if they are separate.  You may also want to add a link in the UnRAID Add Ons wiki page.  Hopefully this will free you up from answering some of the common questions you repeatedly get.


Another suggestion, a FAQ would be a good place to put support info, such as "If your issue or question was not satisfactorily answered here, this is how and where to post your issue or question, and this is the info we recommend you include with your request, so that we can better help you".


Another idea, but possibly unnecessary, the first question could be "How do I install this?", and follow it with the complete installation guide, including installation FAQ for common installation issues.  Then follow that with "How do I uninstall this addon?"

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Seems that the Wiki would be the best place to keep these so that others can add to or modify them. This is especially important when the original author has stopped updating them (and may even be unavailable). The same goes for the list of FAQs if for any reason RobJ is no longer available to update this first post (not to mention it would be less work for RobJ!).

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