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  1. I'm having the same thing happen to me. Downloads but fails in post-processing. I have touch the config settings for sabnzb or sickrage in ages.
  2. Just got back home. Red Ball - Drive 14 - Advice? The SMART looks fine (I think) What actions should I take? Diagnostics file attached Looks like it occurred around Jun 13 04:37:37
  3. Thanks John_M. Shut down Checked cables Start up Running extended SMART test We'll see how it goes (fingers crossed)
  4. Diagnostic file
  5. Been so long and many versions ago since had an issue. First time since been on xfs Trying to find the troubleshooting link to determine what to do next. Please help point me in the right direction May 20 04:40:01 Tower root: Fix Common Problems Version 2018.04.25 May 20 04:43:06 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:3:0: [sde] tag#0 UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x00 driverbyte=0x08 May 20 04:43:06 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:3:0: [sde] tag#0 Sense Key : 0x3 [current] May 20 04:43:06 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:3:0: [sde] tag#0 ASC=0x11 ASCQ=0x0 May 20 04:43:06 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:3:0: [sde] t
  6. Thanks @Tybio for providing the logs. @jbrodriguez I assume you don't need logs from me since @Tybio already provided. I was getting same type of info in my log
  7. Question regarding Gather. I see when done it copied all that I wanted to the desired drive but I had to go back and delete from the old drives manually what was copied. Used the default options.
  8. BTW. Looking forward to the Gather function. Been meaning to consolidate some shares to specific drives but have not done it yet due to time constraints. How close are you for it?
  9. Going from memory since not near machine. Tools tab. Docker safe permission (think part of fix common problem plugin)
  10. You do know that a Parity Drvie does not have a files system per se. it is just a collection of bits based upon the bits on the sectors on the other drives. As I (and others) have mentioned, collect the diagnostic files and post them to get help. Otherwise maybe unRaid is not for you and you should find some other solution. unRaid is not perfect, nor is it for everyong, but it works great for me and many others. Best of luck in finding a solution that makes you happy and satisfied
  11. As far as adding drives to a parity protected array that you read up on the preclear script. Will be handy
  12. Another tip. If you have problems, collect the diagnostics file and post it. Type diagnostics at cmd line or thru the GUI. Doing that folks could have identified USB or other issues and provide recommendations. As as others have said, 24/7 power consumption can be greatly minimized by using spin down functionality. Several of your general statements were very negative and off putting. Initial reaction was "screw him" but I will take it as initial frustration and hope your experience (and attitude) get better now past the USB drive issue.
  13. Shutdown the box then the preclear ends. Not restartable in place. But each cycle is separate. So if you do 3 cycles and shutdown in middle of cycle 2 then you can rerun preclear with 2 cycles to get your full 3 cycles I have a spare tower with hot swap bays I use for preclear using a trial key (no drives assigned to it)
  14. I was thinking along the lines of a configurable setting for the location. Exactly. Have it automatically backed up to a configurable location whenever the array is started with a changed configuration (based on file date/timestamp?)