Rename 'Share Settings' to 'Global Share Settings'

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I've spent days trying to figure out why unRAID refused to use my new disk and eventually resorted to asking the General Support forum.

The answer (provide by user garycase) was that I had not realised the Share Settings in Settings was a 'global' and had a value in there that I didn't even realise was there.

If 'Share Settings' in 'Settings' was instead called 'Global Share Settings' (and preferably got a mention un the setting up shares UG) them I might even have thought to look there first.


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Thanks for posting another thread about this. It's an issue that seems to be mostly ignored but causes grief for a lot of people. There was a thread listing a number of things that should be done for the different user share settings. The main ones I liked were listing the disks which be used for writes and giving a warning if the settings for a user share have an issue.


Too bad I'm doubting much will change. Development is always about adding new features and not much focus on the user experience.

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I found this a very useful recommendation, and so have added it to the next version of Dynamix (didn't take that much time :)). Perhaps the same idea can be put in unRAID v6.


First in the global share settings one can explicitly define which disks need to be included or excluded (by default all disks are included). Here - for example - disk 5 and disk 7 are excluded from the shares (see first picture).


Next when selecting the disks for an individual share, disk 5 and disk 7 are not available as a choice in the dropdown list, as defined under the global settings (see second picture).


Note that a global exclude of a disk(s) makes a share name disappear from the list, if this share resides only on those excluded disks.



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