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mIRC-unRAID Script - Output server stats to #unraid (screenshots)

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Hey everyone,


As some of you may already be aware, I've been working on a script for mIRC-based clients which pulls data from the unRAID webUI so it can be sent directly to an IRC channel.


A few weeks ago, active #unraid users were discussing parity check speeds and I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be great if you could pull the current parity info and display it straight to the channel." Rather than opening your browser, logging in, checking the speed, typing it into the channel.. and so it began..


Currently only tested with unRAID 5.0.6 and mIRC 7.36



  • server name
  • license & version
  • total array size / used / free
  • total number of drives in array (currently assumes all diskX)
  • parity/cache present & drive stats (as below)
  • drive status (e.g. active, idle, error)
  • drive model
  • drive serial number
  • drive size / used / free / %
  • drive usage indicator
  • drive temperature
  • drive mount points
  • drive read/write/error (errors > 0 print in red text)
  • flash stats/info, mostly same as drives

Planned / To do:

  • massive code clean-up
  • display correct output when parity is not valid (currently blank)
  • display parity check info (when parity check is running)
  • display user shares listed on "Shares" page
  • display username/s (security concerns?)
  • display network services listed on "Settings" page
  • integrate dialog window / user settings
  • consider pulling part of syslog stream, not sure about this yet

It's not quite at the point where it is ready for user testing but also not that far away. Consider this pre-alpha at the moment but just to get some feedback on the look/feel and any suggestions for what else could be displayed. Anything the webUI can display should be do-able.


I also considered having the temperatures color-coded based on set thresholds (errors currently are). For example, if a drive is over 40 degrees it would display in orange, over 44 in red or just over some set amount but this is not currently implemented.


Let me know what you think :) I know the mIRC user base isn't huge but this was for my own interest so thought I would share.



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