Notifications for disk space on / and /var/log plus a bar graph or space used.

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After seeing this post I realized we need space monitors on / and /var/log since free space on these file systems is crucial for operation.


Syslog has stopped updating


While I know we have the following settings in Display settings.


Critical disk utilization level (%):

Warning disk utilization level (%):


Maybe there needs to be other fields for / and /var/log or anything we put into a specific list.

A specific list allows a new monitor to be derived for /, /var/log /boot and/or any snap devices.


Often people will fill array drives at very high values, yet we still needs warnings on lower values for these other file systems


In addition there is the

Show array utilization indicator:

Which is a great lil utilization bar, but there needs to be one for the other files systems that are monitored outside of the array.

maybe showing only the highest values of the /, /var/log, /boot or snapped devices that are in a list.


Also on the Main page we have


Array Devices

Boot Device

Unassigned Devices


If possible, have the /(root) and /var/log file systems and anything in a configurable list in a block there.

At the very least make / and /var/log visible.

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