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How do you know if Cache disk/pool is working ?


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I a newly created unRAID server with 1 x Parity , 1 x Cache and 4 data drives. I am busy moving media files via smb which is painfully slow to data drives. I have noticed the Cache drive read and write stats aren't changing.


Is the Cache drive been used ?

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Have you looked at how your network is configured?  If you're running a gigabit network, you should see pretty good speeds.  I ran a bunch of tests on both 5.0.6 and 6b15 and getting very good speeds.




Having other problems, but speed isn't one of them.  What is your network setup?  Do you have the ability to see link speeds?  If in Windows you should be able to right-click the icon in the system tray and click Local Area Connection to see what windows considers the speed to be.




From a telnet session you can use ethtools eth0 to see




If both those look good, then what speeds are your mobo sata ports and the HDD you're using?  Sata II?  III?  I?  that can have a significant effect too...


You can also use Crystaldiskmark to test your drives locally and across the LAN.  If you get good speeds on your local disks and not across the LAN to the unRAID server, try crystaldiskmark to a share to a local PC also on your network and see what the speeds are.  If the local PC share is also slow, then I'd look at your hub/router...

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