Please help me shut down my array

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No, it's not clear what is stopping you from stopping.  At 11:33:42, it looks like you clicked the "Spin up all drives" button, then 8 minutes later, at 11:41:41, it looks like you clicked the "Stop" button, and stopping seems to proceed normally except something is found to be busy and cannot be stopped.  It's not any of the drives.  Then I suspect you clicked the "Stop" button again, because stopping activities begin again, several times, and it appears Stops on top of Stops aren't handled very well.  It certainly results in a messy syslog, from there on.


The only thing I can think of is perhaps there was a console or Telnet session open, with a command prompt in a data or Cache drive folder?  But that doesn't make sense, since it does not appear that there were any problems unmounting ANY of the drives.  A reboot should clear everything up.

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Thank you. 


A reboot will not fix it.  I also tried removing most all Dynamix plugins and still get the 1 process busy log entry.  I'll try this weekend to strip it down to stock and start over to find the issue, I was hoping I was missing something obvious and avoid that.


The Powerdown Package (2.16) seems to work fine.

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