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  1. Hello, This last update failed during install and I'm a bit stuck. tried to uninstall CA but it falls also. This is the error: plugin: run failed: /bin/bash retval: 127
  2. Kingston ValueRAM 32 GB (2x16) was the only ram I saw on PCPart Picker and none for 16 gb (2x8) - I did not dig any deeper, just assumed its a covid thing. No, your right, IPMI was not a consideration. I sized the PWR supply assuming 14 drives and a dedicated GPU just in case, again, the selection was not great.
  3. So I can't seem to source ECC ram , even dropping down to 16gb, so is there any reason to go with the Intel Xeon E-2146G or should I just jump to a eq gaming rig board and i7-8700?
  4. This machine is to take some of the load off of my existing (2 Parity 44tb, i7-920, P6X58D MB, 18 gig ram) unraid server of about 10 years now. The plan is to add drives as needed, I'll start with the 8tb exos seagates. I don't run much, it's a headless box that will just run a few dockers (Medusa/SAB/plex/ESPHome, maybe a VM or two but no gaming or such. I would need to pass through things like USB. I might retire another machine and run a light weight windows VM too which would need a GPU passthrough. Here is a link to Any thoughts? Oh two cases listed in there, not sure which I'd go with yet. I'll add SATA cards as needed once I exceed the MB SATA. It would be nice to watch a stream, download and post process at the same time - something I could never do on the other machine (had to pause DL while PP or the stream would buffer) Thanks,
  5. v0.2.14-ls4 worked for me - its about a month old version.
  6. Has anybody thought of trying a Docker or Plugin for Weewx?
  7. Attached. There are quite a few Call Traces in there all of a sudden.
  8. Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: Call Trace: Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? free_reserved_area+0xe5/0xf5 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? set_debug_rodata+0x12/0x12 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: pci_iommu_init+0x12/0x3c Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? load_default_modules+0x9/0xb Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? pci_iommu_init+0x12/0x3c Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? e820__memblock_setup+0x5f/0x5f Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: do_one_initcall+0x8b/0x127 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: kernel_init_freeable+0x182/0x20b Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ? rest_init+0x82/0x82 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: kernel_init+0x9/0xf0 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ret_from_fork+0x25/0x30 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: Code: 00 49 89 c4 e8 1b 34 b5 ff bf 01 00 00 00 48 89 c3 e8 0e 34 b5 ff 4c 89 e1 48 89 da 48 c7 c7 d2 cb 74 81 48 89 c6 e8 5c c0 7b ff <0f> ff 83 0d de ee 11 00 04 eb 0c 48 c7 c7 46 cc 74 81 e8 45 c0 Sep 3 10:11:20 kingsnake kernel: ---[ end trace 52606231966f7598 ]--- Anybody understand this? I have not been able to get pass through working (sound or video) in a VM - is this call trace related? Thanks
  9. I also can't get into my system because of this plugin. WTF.
  10. Have you (or anybody) been able to figure this out? I've attached my log file.. jdownloader2.log.txt
  11. Thank you. A reboot will not fix it. I also tried removing most all Dynamix plugins and still get the 1 process busy log entry. I'll try this weekend to strip it down to stock and start over to find the issue, I was hoping I was missing something obvious and avoid that. The Powerdown Package (2.16) seems to work fine.
  12. Can someone please explain what is keeping my array from shutting down? Attached is the syslog and running processes. process.txt
  13. after all these years I still don't understand how files are allocated to what disk. All my shares are set High-Water, 20 GB, SL=2 or SL=3, include disk: All, Excluded disk: None, use cache Yes and yet this is how my disks are filling... Why is disk 3 filling? Last month it was filling disk 7 then while I wasn't looking switched to disk 3.