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Transmission (Docker) - broken file permissions


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The Transmission (Docker) is creating files with permissions:


therefore only the file owner (user: nobody) can move/delete the files.


Previous Transmission plugin (non Docker) was creating the files with permissions:



I am accessing the files with user:somebodyelse, therefore i can only read all the downloaded files in the share, but not delete or modify them.

Is there any simple way to fix this (except running chmod from command line) ?


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I finally figured out the solution:


in file: appdata/Transmission/settings.json


change the:

umask: 18



umask: 73


this will save the downloaded files with rw-rw-rw- permissions.



-you have to stop the Transmission in Docker prior to editing the settings.json file. Otherwise your changes are lost.

- to fix permissions for allready downloaded files run the "chmod -R 666 *" in your Download directory from a console (e.g. putty or any telnet client you prefer).


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