docker tag != "latest" means no icon and wrong repo name displayed

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unRAID OS Version:




If you download a Docker image with a specific tag other than "latest" this will result in no icon displayed and the wrong repo name of "<author>/<repo>:<tag>:latest" e.g.:-




The repo name is incorrect, "latest" should not be appended to the end of the repo name when defining a tag name, as in it should look like this :-




How to reproduce:

Download a docker image for a specific tag other than "latest"


Expected results:

Docker container icon is shown, and Repo name displayed is correct.


Actual results:

Docker icon is broken and not shown, docker repo name incorrectly shows "latest" on the end.


Other information:

I have replicated this on demand and can flick back and forth between a tagged image and the normal untagged (latest) image, once i have flicked back to using untagged then the repo name is correct and the icon is shown again. I'm not sure when this bug was introduced, only noticed it in 6.1.3 but that doesnt mean it hasnt been around for sometime.


The other quirky thing i have noticed is that the icon shown on the Docker tab shows the classic round icon with a question mark to denote icon not found (which is incorrect of course), but on the dashboard tab "Apps" list at the top the icon is shown as a broken image, so its not even showing the default icon, linking to this defect as this is linked:-



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