VIDEO - 10 Easy Steps to an unRAID Server

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10 Easy Steps to an unRAID Server




This is a 1-hour video lesson about unRAID, and why we opted to use it over Drobo, RAID, FreeNAS, NASlite, OpenFiler, and more.


While I'm sure 1 hour sounds like a lot of time to commit, the tutorial is extremely thorough, and probably an excellent introduction to unRAID if you are 'on the fence' about your selected redundant data storage solution and considering unRAID.


Topics Covered:

  • Why we selected unRAID
  • Obtaining the unRAID software
  • Creating a bootable unRAID Flash drive
  • Building an unRAID Server
  • Booting your unRAID Server
  • Configuring your first array
  • Configuring User Shares
  • Saving to your array
  • Expanding your array
  • Advanced configuration


Hope you enjoy!




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That looks like a sweet video but my old G4 Mac Mini doesn't have the oumph to play it. Would it be possible to download it somewhere so I can watch it on my PS3 ?


Your wish is my command.


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 CA:


H.264 -

MP4 -

DiVX -

Flash -







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Thanks for sharing!!!


My pleasure.  Hope you like it!  And most of all, I hope those who are 'curious' about unRAID will find the video helpful.

The video was very nicely done.    Many thanks... it will help many.  I only wish my hands moved as quick when I build a new server. ;)  I loved the music.


You've not used your array long enough to know how it reacts when you upgrade/replace a disk with one of a larger size, so your description was not exactly right... When you start the array with the new (larger) drive you immediately have access to the array and the extra space while the new disk is being loaded with the contents of the older smaller disk.  There is no wait of hours while the array is off-line as you described.  The rebuild of the old contents to the new disk is done with the array on-line.


Also... an FYI, you can pre-clear a drive being added to a new slot in the array.  It allows you to add a drive and have a downtime of minutes instead of hours.  (When unRAID detects a pre-cleared drive, it skips the lengthy clearing step when the array is off-line, and just presents the "Format" button.  As soon as the disk is formatted, it is available for use.)


Joe L.

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Thanks, ClunkClunk--glad you enjoyed it  :)


I'm learning as I go, and this forum is extremely helpful (the people here are amazing--I love the community spirit).


My fiance did ask why I was watching a video with a guy who looked like me.


Maybe we should do a skype video call just to really freak her out.  Haha!


I guess the white guy/shaved head/goatee/glasses look is somewhat common :-)


Mr. Clean meets geekdom.  :)

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I watched these videos on youtube after my professor told me about unraid.  I built one that weekend out of new parts (except drives).  I just upgraded my case to get better temps, but now i'm interested in installing rtorrent as well as a few other packages, but can't seem to figure it out.  Could you help me out by maybe giving me a step by step on installing packages?



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