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Looking to change out my Raid controller, looking for recommendation.

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Currently I am running a Adaptec 5805z and it runs well but it does not pass drive temp nor is it 6Gb.


What I am looking for in a card is:

1- Pass Drive temps

2- Supports 6Gb

3- Supports 4TB drives


I have been looking at the M1015 and the Dell H310 controller. What would you recommend and what to look for when buying a card?


When changing out my controller will I have to reset the drives to a new JBOD setup or will it follow the drives? Just need to perp if I have to move all data off the drives when changing out the card. I have backups of most data on my server but Dockers and VM's are the concern.


Currently running,

4x HGST 7200 4TB SAS drives

2X Seagate 10K 400G SAS drives (Cache)

2X WD's 2TB running off on board SATA controller


Thank You.

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Have you managed to find a card that ticks all the boxes? I am looking for the same thing.



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IBM LSI ServeRAID-M1015 6Gbps PCI-E controller 46M0861 SAS9220-8I flashed in IT mode works really well. 

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