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  1. IBM LSI ServeRAID-M1015 6Gbps PCI-E controller 46M0861 SAS9220-8I flashed in IT mode works really well.
  2. As far as I know P410 doesn`t have HBA mode. I used a IBM LSI ServeRAID-M1015 6Gbps PCI-E controller 46M0861 SAS9220-8I flashed it in IT mode and it worked spot on.
  3. Windows 2016 doesn`t support USB passthrough, https://hyperv.veeam.com/blog/new-features-windows-server-hyper-v-2016/ . However your workaround sounds doable, you should try this ( get the usb pci`d card ) and try to pass that through. If that doesn`t work, why don`t you try ESXI? I`ve just done a build, it`s a bit of hassle, but it works fine, and because I already had some hyper-v virtual machines, I`ve created a 2016 server virtual machine, and within that, i run all my old virtual machines, ( hope it makes sense )
  4. Hi, Have you managed to find a card that ticks all the boxes? I am looking for the same thing. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Have you managed to find a card that supports jbod? I have the same problem, different server, but it has a P410 card, and for each HDD i have to create a raid 0 for it to be seen in unRAID. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, I have just purchased this server, and it currently running with these components. 2 x Xeon X5650 54GB RAM 14 LFF Hard Drives ( From which only 5 populated at the moment as I am still testing) HP Smart Array P410 Controller Also have an Icydock MB998SP-B which supports 8 SSD, currently only 2 populated with hold the VM`s. ( SSD`s are connected to the sata ports on the motherboard, and have nothing to do with the raid card) I followed smdion`s tutorial on how to achieve this, and it works fine, ( I did had some issues, where unraid was starting up, and then I couldn`t access the GUI and getting connection refused because the USB stick wasn`t getting registered, even tough it was booting from it ( i know, it`s stupid) and I only got it to work when I completely turned off the server and started it again and didn`t touch the USB stick ( previously, I was plugging in the USB stick with the server turned on( again, I know it`s stupid, but this is the only way i got it to work). The unRIAD VM is booting of the plpbt iso, it has the unRAID stick, and the HP Smart array P410 passed through, so that all the 14 HDD`s will be available only for the unRIAD VM. My first, and biggest problem is the P410 smart array card, it doesn`t support JBOD, and for each individual HDD I need to create a raid 0, otherwise, it won`t get seen by the VM at all. Also, it doesn`t matter in which slot a HDD is. I could really use some advice on what can I replace this with, hopefully from someone that has the same server. Second issue is connected with my first one. Even if I will get an HBA card, from what I`ve seen on the back of the backplane, not each drive is getting connected individually. So from the P410 card, there is one SFF-8087 with 4 sata cables. Them 4 sata cables, connect all 14 HDD`s somehow, again, if someone with more experience with these servers could give me some advice that would be great. Many thanks for your time.
  7. plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/petersm1/openvpnserver/master/openvpn_server_x64.plg plugin: downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/petersm1/openvpnserver/master/openvpn_server_x64.plg plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/petersm1/openvpnserver/master/openvpn_server_x64.plg ... done plugin: downloading: http://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware64-current/slackware64/tcl/tcl-8.6.5-x86_64-1.txz ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response) plugin: wget: http://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware64-current/slackware64/tcl/tcl-8.6.5-x86_64-1.txz download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response) It doesn`t seem to work anymore. Can anyone update the install script?