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problem with s3 sleep plugin


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I am pretty new to unraid and just got my first server up with v6.1.6 trying to get the S3 Sleep Plugin working.

I am able to set my server asleep with the button under the array operations page.


I followed the Wiki here: http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=Setup_Sleep_(S3)_and_Wake_on_Lan_(WOL)

and the batch file to wake the server works fine.


Unfortunately the command "echo 3 >/proc/acpi/sleep" does not work and returns "-bash: /proc/acpi/sleep: No such file or directory"

What does this mean?


The execute function works, but somehow only for the first time

these are my settings:

- Wait for array inactivity: yes

- Extra delay after array inactivity: 15

- Wait for network inactivity: no

- Wait for user login inactivity: local

- Set WOL options before sleep: g


when the drives are in standby after 15 more minutes the server goes to s3 state.

But the next time when the server wakes up the drives are still in standby and the server only goes to sleep again when I first spin up the drives.

Is this the normal behavior?


I am not sure if I need to make any further adjustments as described in the Wiki (e.g. generating a sleep script) as I thought that this would already be covered by installing the plugin through the link of the Dynamix - V6 Plugins thread.


Hope someone can clear me up.


Thank you!

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