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Find command stoping disks spinning down


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I have an issue with one of my disks not spinning down.

All my dockers etc are set to cache only but I seem to have a rouge "find" command related to plex, which instead of looking directly in cache is using /user/appdata and it keeps one of the disks spun up.


I have attached some screen shots of the issue and diagnostic log  Sorry its so big  ::)


the pid changes all the time as it keeps re running


Any ideas  :)






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If plex is looking in /mnt/user/appdata it is because you have configured it to look there. Configure it to use /mnt/cache/appdata instead.


Also, are you absolutely sure you don't have an appdata folder on that spinning disk? Setting appdata to cache-only just means unRAID will only write new appdata to cache. It won't keep appdata folders on other disks from being read.

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That is the strange thing all my apps are set to use cache only and are configured to look in /mnt/cache/appdata, and show this is what is being used according to the open files plugin for everything but this one find command.

There is an appdata folder on the spinning disks but it is and always has been empty. Should I delete it ?



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