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Installing AMD Firepro drivers in VM


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I am new to unRAID and virtualisation. I have built a dual Xeon E5 2630V3 with 64G of ECC RAM. I can create VMs which all load up nicely, but regardless of the windows version I have tried, it causes black screen of death (7, 8.1 & 10) either during the install or when I reboot, I can't even get to the log on screen. I have spent 3 days on this, watched and read all sorts of stuff and I am nowhere close to resolving it.


To make sure the AMD firepro w7100 wasn't the cause, I installed windows 7 pro physically and then installed the drivers, it ran fantastically, even achieving a cpu benchmark of 19215 on passmark software and the card does full 4k at 60hz refresh and 32 bit colour utilising 10bit capability of the monitor.


I would really appreciate some help, as I just can't get it to work other than leaving the basic intel driver running which isn't the point in setting this up as I need the full graphic ability for my photographic work.


Thanks in advance,


A desperate photographer

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