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VM unstable and sound issues. Is my setup enough for what I want to do ?


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Hey guys,

On my config I have two VM and the plex server app running. But one of my VM is a bit unstable. When I try to start it it often stop itself after a few seconds but I usually get it started after a second try. I wonder if it is because I don't have enough HDD (see at the end of the topic). I also tried to passthrough my soundcard to that VM and it dosen't work(it sounds weird). I also tried to passthrough my G930 headset (USB) and I hear nothing I see the soundbar moving in windows sound mixer but no sound. With my headset the button to raise the volume also work I can see the volume raising in windows when I use the button.


First VM:

Windows server 2012

10 GB of RAM



Used for ftp and other custom apps



Windows 10



GPU:GTX780 passthrough

Used for gaming and media


I was planing to have one more VM but not until the first two get stable. A small one with windows 8.1 4 gb of ram 20GB of HDD and VNC


My config.

I7 4930k @4.5ghz

32 GB of ram @ 2400 mhz G.SKILL Ripjaws

GPU1:HD4770<- unRAID

GPU2:GTX780<- Gaming VM



1XSamsung PRO SSD 512GB<- plex server app


1xWD 4GB I think it's a blue<- NAS shares (some use cache) and windows server 2012

1X 750GB HDD seagate SATAIII <- Gaming VM


So is my setup enough to do what I wan't to do?





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I would double check the drivers and also the MSI interrupt config for the devices. Choppy sound, poor UI performance, overall instability, device activity adding to instability- usually a good cause of this is mismanaged interrupts, and having MSI disabled will cause windows to handle alll devices poorly because the GPU is choking them out.

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