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SOLVED: Unable to change settings of notification agents


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I'm currently using the trial version of UnRAID (6.1.8) and I am trying to experiment with the notifications using agents - namely I want to use Pushbullet.


In the list of agents it displays Prowl and Pushbullet as enabled, all the rest are displayed as disabled.


I don't use Prowl so I set the Agent Function to Disable and click apply. A prompt appears over the API key box saying "Please fill out this field". If I type anything in the API key box and click apply again the page refreshes but nothing has changed - Prowl is still enabled. The delete button does absolutely nothing and the reset button causes the page to reload but still no change.


The Pushbullet area acts the same including when I enter a genuine Access Token and click Test the page reloads or click Apply and nothing happens.


Are these functions disabled under the trial licence?


Is there a comprehensive list of what does and doesn't work under the trial licence? I think I remember seeing one when I was first researching NAS options but can't seem to find it anymore.

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So I was browsing through this forum and found these couple of posts:

Not sure why they didn't come up in my search but anyway...


It seems like a common problem which is a shame as I was keen on the Pushbullet notifications. Does anyone know if this is being addressed? I'm sure it's not high on the priority list  ???


I did try changing the settings using Edge and Firefox as suggested in one of the posts but it made no difference.


Should I submit it as a bug report?


All the same if anyone could still provide some details about the limitations of the trial licence that would be appreciated.

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Notification Agents were fixed in 6.1.9


Thanks ljm42. I only downloaded UnRAID a few days ago and wasn't aware they had released an update since then.


I'll have to wait a bit before I can update my system as I'm running preclear on my drives for the next few days.

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