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LSI 9261-8i compatability

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Hi razor, welcome to the forums.


While I can't address whether that specific card is supported by unRAID, I can offer this.  Apologies if you already know these things.


The card in question is a RAID card.  But of course you won't be using the RAID capabilities in unRAID.  So in that sense it's overkill.


I understand though: the server you're considering comes with the card.  You're not so much deciding to buy the card as you are the whole server.


Options I would consider if I were in your position

  - see if the seller will drop the price an acceptable amount for leaving the card out of the package

  - take your chances on the card (might need to flash it to IT mode)

  - sell the card and buy a much less expensive card, that's known to work with unRAID (LSI 9211-8i for example)


I can usually get those 9211 cards for around $100 on eBay.  Even new they're not much more than $200, versus $500 for that MegaRAID card.


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