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I like the new Parity Check history, and I like the SpeedTest history.  Both show me previous results for comparison.  So after Preclearing a drive, I couldn't help wishing for a Preclear history, so I can see the other drives I've Precleared and their numbers.  And maybe gfjardim will add something for Preclear, but I got to thinking why not have an operational log for every unRAID server, where everything worth recording is kept, each entry timestamped like in the syslog.  It would be a unified log on the flash drive across the server lifetime, not per session like the syslog is.  It could start with the already mentioned items, but hopefully Tom would also add all important unRAID operational events to it too.


* Parity check entries (possibly when started too)

* Speedtest results

* Preclear results (possibly even more detail such as start and finish of each pass or operation, zeroing start/stop etc)

* system startup and shutdown

* array start and stop (and whether safemode or maintenance mode)

* drive assignments and unassignments (including cache, and new config events)

* parity builds

* drive rebuilds

* drive formats

* VM starts and stops

* drive mountings by Unassigned Devices

* mover start and stop

* file system checks

* drive is redballed

* possibly major configuration changes like Docker enabled/disabled, server name change, drive format changes, etc

* etc


It could be called the operational log, master.log, event.log, unraid.log, server_name.log, or whatever others want.  Whatever the name, it would be a great inclusion in the diagnostics zip.

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