Unraid Lockup

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I went to copy a file to a share and Windows threw an error about not being able to connect... so I went straight the the webgui, but it would not load. I tried to ssh/telnet in but could. Infact Unraid was no longer on my network according to an IP scan. The computer itself still seemed to be running because I was able to still access the motherboard's webgui (MergePoint® Embedded Management Software) even though the screen and keyboard on the server itself was unresponsive.


So, when no other options available that I am aware (I'm a noob) I hit the reset button.


Unraid to reboot fine but very, very briefly show a large red message about log files being full??? I have no ideas what this means. Could this have been the cause? of Unraid failing? If it is, is there a way I can clear whatever log need cleared.


I've attached the diag zip. The only other pertinent info I can think of adding is that the Unraid has been running for a couple weeks without a hiccup and there were two Windows 10 Pro VM running. They were not doing anything, meaning not automated processes. Basically they are fresh installs of Win10 that I setup a couple weeks ago to start transitioning my workstation to.



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