Telegraf Agent for InfluxDB/Grafana Dashboard?

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Could someone explain the settings I would have to use for most of the measurements?  I know that for some I would have to use the non_negative_derivative, but for which ones? Right now I'm trying to setup the CPU usage graph, but I'm not sure if it's actually translating the data correctly.


If your query shows as a continuous upward slope on the graph, that means you'll need to use non_negative_derivative.

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On 9/11/2016 at 2:57 AM, atribe said:


I've tracked down the problem, and there is an easy work around.

The work around: in the influxdb admin interface run the following command: CREATE RETENTION POLICY "default" ON "telegraf" DURATION 30d REPLICATION 1 DEFAULT


The issue: Influxdb changed the name of the default retention policy to autogen. The image I'm using hasn't updated the telegraf.conf file it uses to reflect that. I've submitted a pull request, so they could fix it soon. Until then you can just create a retention policy named default.

I'm also planning on adding vanilla telegraf to community apps, however, this will require you to create your own telegraf.conf file. But this does let you be much more flexible, compared to using environment variables.

When I try to go to the webui of Influxdb docker on port 8083, I get page is not working/404 in Chrome. How do I get around this to set retention policy?

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